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08. Is it safe to let people learn on their mobiles?

08. Is it safe to let people learn on their mobiles?

21 kwietnia 2017

Listen to „Podcast 2EDU #08. Is it safe to let people learn on their mobiles?” on Spreaker.

It is and it is not. The rule is simple: think before you click. Mobile learning is not like running with scisors but is can be. On a very high level you just do not plug in mobile devices to your corporate computer and you do not connect to the same network.

During latest e-Learning Fusion conference I had a chance to meet Neil Lasher – mobile learning expert focused on cybersecurity. Right after his speech I had a chance to ask is it safe to let people learn using their mobiles.

Neil’s recommendation is simple, and if you want to get more details listed to this episode of the podcast.

  1. Ask suppliers what they have in place to secure them.
  2. Check if the files you have developed and published using your elearning authoring tools are (MD5) the one that are distributed.
  3. Educate on all the levels of security training, especially phishing

Urodziłem się w małym mieście na Podkarpaciu, tam po raz pierwszy zmuszono mnie tego, żeby zdobyć formalne wykształcenie, chociaż wolałem social learning, zbieranie puszek po napojach i przesiadywanie godzinami przed komputerem w poszukiwaniu szybszej metody na wczytanie gry z kasety do swojego Commodore 64.