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Draft – New way of collaborative writing

For the last few weeks I spend quite a lot of time on properly organizing my workplace and tools that I use. Some time ago I found a way of publishing my posts directly from iA writer. Today I have found the tool that will totally change the way I write and collaborate with others. It’s called Draft and was developed by Nathan Kontny – founder of two YC companies: Inkling and Cityposh.

Next level of blogging

I really love tools which allow me to do what I need to do. When I want to write I just sit and write without bothering with settings, folders, opening files, saving them, copying, pasting, reviewing and reediting just to copy this on my pendrive and then to forget about this and finally be in the place where I have been just before I started, but with much more frustration.

Draft that follows my favorite markdown philosophy goes the straight way to zen of writing. Sit, write, and forget about everything else.

Version Control

First of all forget about saving different versions and naming conventions. Just sit and write whenever you want withour remembering to save a proper version. Draft will do this for you, even if the file you are editing is in iCloud or Dropbox. IT ROCKS!


Forget about collecting feedback in files with reviewer’s name at the end. Forget about struggling with all the comments in different documents sent by mail, forget about inviting people to Google Docs and explaining them what to do when they do not have Google Account. Just sent the link and let them review your documents.

Professional editing

Forget about waiting for someone to review your work document, blog post or speech. Hire professional editor and get feedback and correnctions.

OK, so now stop reading. Log in to Draft and start writing.

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