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It’s Loud Out There. Be Louder. John Biggs at Blog Forum Gdansk

John Biggs (East Coast Editor of TechCrunch) presented 4 Step Method about successful international blogging. At the beginning John presented universal rules for successful blogging that are: write specifically about what you’re good at and gain traction inside your country and be passionate about what are you blogging about.

Here’s the abstract of the 4 step method.

  1. Blog – Always Be Blogging. Low hanging fruit of traffic is posting. It’s tough and hard but it has to be done.
  2. Introduce Yourself – As bloggers we are socially awkward. We have to go pass that and introduce ourselves to people. Twitt or e-mail people to get in touch. Contact them in a very, very personal way. Do not always sit in your attic. Go outside.
  3. Contact – Do not e-mail big ones. Use outside way to contact people to avoid situation in which they will delete your e-mail. Find their twitter, find linkedIn contact and push it. Look for the authors that you like and approach them.
  4. Blog again – Think like a magazine. Think about something crazy, that someone outside it can be inerested in. Go, and say: „Hey look what’s happended here!”

Be careful about this method.

  • don’t say: „I love your writing”
  • offer topical posts
  • offer something only you have
  • don’t approach the big ones

…and most of all:

Produce content that everybody wants to read

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