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Idea of a Learning Continuum by Bastian Küntzel

As TEDx Poznan website says: Bastian Küntzel is a partner in a small training agency, Incontro, based in Wroclaw. He works with NGOs, institutions and businesses, primarily in Europe, but also other parts of the world. Deep down inside he is a nerd that searches for the best possible solution to any problem, even if this is impossible when dealing with issues like culture, learning, team-work and communication. He still obsesses over how to bring the purposes, content, context and process of any learning opportunity into perfect balance. The learning continuum is his preferred approach to finding that balance.

What should we do?

  1. Admit that the way education works and how we learn in companies and organisations is flawed and has a huge potential for improvement.
  2. Use the learning continuum as a theory that can help us to look at education and improve how we organise it.
  3. Design learning environments and processes that make sense in terms of where they take place, on what they are, how the learning is organised and what they try to achieve.

According to Bastian, the learning continuum is built of the following:

  • Purpose – What is the need that is being addressed? Who wants to achieve what?
  • Context – Where does it take place and how does it look like there?
  • Content – What needs to be learned to achieve the purpose?
  • Process – What happens? What happens first, what second? Who does what?


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