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Big Question: Will "training" exist in 2019 ?

Big Question: Will "training" exist in 2019 ?

2 marca 2009

Big question for this month is quite amazing and of course stimulating to think about what will training mean in not-so-far future.

In my opinion, there will be no activities that we call „training” or „learning” or even „teaching”. Training departments will not exist anymore, because there will be no need to organize formal training. Closing my eyes and looking at organisation, let’s call it inTen, I can’t see laptops, mobiles, pc’s, papers telephones etc.

inTen is organized…
in very specific way, mainly supporting cooperation and focusing on personal creativity, and stimulated ability to make decisions, collect facts, find solutions and innovate. All hi-tech equipment, is used to hear employees, support them providing all necessary data when they think abouth them and help in all activities that at the moment we call „daily routine”.

inTen works smart…
not forcing anyone to do what is not his best activity, talent management skills of highigly supported HR-departments doesn’t allow to make position not fitting needs so each employee has got a perfect place to work smart making huge investment into his own work enviroment.

inTen is focused on…
employees evolution that is motivating and stimulating to be motivated, by setting up challenges that are fit into specific business requirements from one side and to personal abilities, knowledge, and what is the most important contemporary potential od specific person,

In my opinion computers in 10 years will not be identified as some specific tools, so there will be no e-learning. Digital worplaces will provide automatically all necessary feedback, so there will be no need to train anyone. There will be no specific qualifications needed, rather skills or personal assets will be the most valuable.


Urodziłem się w małym mieście na Podkarpaciu, tam po raz pierwszy zmuszono mnie tego, żeby zdobyć formalne wykształcenie, chociaż wolałem social learning, zbieranie puszek po napojach i przesiadywanie godzinami przed komputerem w poszukiwaniu szybszej metody na wczytanie gry z kasety do swojego Commodore 64.